We recognise that with partners, demanding jobs, university exams or children our members have demands in Real Life which means they cannot commit to highly scheduled and regimented work schedules with us.

Our corporation is currently growing and will suit the needs of members with any amount of time.

We always remember that Eve is something our members choose to spend their leisure time on and we are Real Life friendly

Our membership is currently approximately 50% UK/EU, 40% US and 10% other timezones, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality, gender, sexuality or religion who wish to join us in a mature and tolerant international corporation that is supported with great out of game systems and comms to allow us to keep in touch across varying timezones and play schedules
We have a Discord service and web forums in order to keep members from all timezones, and schedules in touch and make sure that no-one is left waiting around for information

We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation

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